The Living world Important Terms and Definition


  • Metabolism :​​ It is the sum total of all chemical reactions occurring in an organism due to specific interactions amongst different types of molecules within the cells.​​ 

  • Reproduction :​​ It is the process of formation of new individuals of similar kind by an organism.​​ 

  • Evolution :​​ A gradual process in which something changes into a different and​​ usually complex or better form. It may result in formation of new species from the pre-existing ones.​​ 

  • Biodiversity :​​ It refers to the various types of organisms on the earth.​​ 

  • Nomenclature :​​ It provides proper, specific and distinguishing name to each and every organism.​​ 

  • Taxonomy :​​ The branch of science dealing with the study of principles and procedures of classification.​​ 

  • Classification :​​ It is grouping of organisms into convenient categories on the basis of easily observable characters.​​ 

  • Binomial nomenclature :​​ It is a system of providing distinct and proper scientific names to organisms, each consisting of two words, first generic and second specific epithet.​​ 

  • Systematics :​​ It is the discipline of biology which deals with the kind and diversity of all organisms and the existing relationships amongst them.​​ 

  • Species :​​ It is a group of naturally interbreeding population with the ability to produce fertile offsprings.​​ 

  • Herbarium :​​ It is a storehouse of collected plant specimens that are dried, pressed and preserved on sheets.​​ 

  • Botanical garden :​​ It is an institution which grows numerous types of plants obtained from different places for botanical studies.​​ 

  • Zoological parks :​​ These are enclosed lands where animals are kept in protected environment similar to their natural habitat.

  • Key :​​ The scheme for identification of plants and animals based upon the set of contrasting characters is known as keys.​​ 

  • Taxon :​​ It is a unit of classification which may represent any level of grouping of organisms based on certain easily observable common characteristics.​​ 

  • Seasonal breeders :​​ Seasonal breeders are plants or animals species that successfully mate only​​ during certain time of the year.

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